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Analyzing areal precipitation at key basins in Cochabamba using satellite-based precipitation


Project Title:
Analyzing areal precipitation at key basins in Cochabamba using satellite-based precipitation

Project Manager:
Oliver Cristian Saavedra Valeriano
Email: oliversaavedra@upb.edu

Main researcher:
Jhonatan Enrique Ureña Camacho
Email: jhon.urca1994@gmail.com

Invited researchers:
Andrés Germán Vallejos Balladares
Email: andresgvallejosb@gmail.com

Ana Cecilia Escalera Rodríguez
E-mail: cecichi74.acem@gmail.com 

This study is within the research framework of Global Observation of Precipitation. It is important to verify the satellite precipitation estimates to see how useful they could be for a better understanding of the hydrological cycle and eventually for the benefit of society. It is thus expected to take advantage of hydro-meteorological products derived from remote satellite sensors combined with measurements at land surface.

Several basins in the world, especially in developing countries such as Bolivia, need to increase the number and extension of their meteorological stations on land. Which is not always feasible due to accessibility, initial investment costs and maintenance. The advantage of satellite precipitation is the coverage taking into account the spatial and temporal distribution in a complementary way to the point measurements with rain gauges and in some scarce regions.

This topic could contain the following activities:
- Evaluation of satellite precipitation products in the available rain gauge networks
- Explore methods of combining satellite products with the SENMAHI network.
- Development of a new database with greater spatial and temporal resolution.
- Application of the new products of improved precipitation in hydrological and thus estimate the water balance in the basins of Bolivia and South America.

There is an agreement with the Japanese aero-space exploration agency (JAXA for its acronym in English). JAXA will provide all the satellite products necessary for the study. There is also an agreement with the National Service of Hydrology and Meteorology (SENMAHI).

Publication related to the subject:
Analyzing Areal Precipitation At Key Basins In Cochabamba Using Satellite-Based Precipitation
Andres Vallejos, Samuel Ancalle, Cecilia Escalera, Oliver Saavedra Valeriano