Date of creation: July 2012, Rectoral Resolution No UPB-RR-015/2012

The Center for Innovation in Information Technologies for Education and Business initially born with the Name of CESI (Center for Studies in Information Technology Solutions) in 2012, with the aim of making research project in developing software, for clients outside of Bolivia, specifically from Spain and the United States, and then the center derived his activities to also serve national clients. The center expands its services in Education by applying information and communication technologies, so in this way, in April 2016 it changes its name to CITIEE.

CITIEE develops software using methods that offer the best solution for the client. Using several types of technologies in order to obtain safe and high performance solutions, combining new technologies with easy-to-use; friendly software environment.

The CITIEE offers the following types of research projects to the customers:

1) Development of Web Systems: CITIEE is a specialist in Web systems such as CMS, ERP and customized systems.
2) Development of Mobile Applications: CITIEE is a specialist in the Android platform, has made custom applications using web services. Hybrid Applications has been developed last years.
3) Development in Desktop Environments: Applications in Desktop computer languages like .Net and Java.