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El caso de estudio escrito por nuestro Rector Manuel Olave, Ph.D., sobre la implementación estratégica de la Universidad Privada Boliviana, fue publicado en Harvard Business Publishing

HARVARD Business Publishing, publicó como muestra de estrategia de océano azul exitosa en el ámbito de la educación superior, el caso de estudio escrito por nuestro Rector, Manuel Olave, Ph.D., sobre la implementación estratégica de la Universidad Privada Boliviana. Honrados además, por ser el primer caso publicado en HBSP sobre una institución boliviana, escrito por un boliviano.


"The case narrates Manuel Olave's blue ocean journey as Rector of the Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB). After he took the reigns in 1999, enrollment dropped and faculty fled as a result of the unstable economic and political situation in Bolivia. Charged with turning around the struggling university, Olave realized that head-on competition would not help UPB thrive. Instead of benchmarking against leading universities, Olave formed a team to explore growth opportunities, using blue ocean methodologies like the Buyer Utility Map, Strategy Canvas, and ERRC Grid. Based on insights from the blue ocean shift process, UPB made a series of strategic moves to capture untapped demand for higher education that was more affordable and of higher value for students. Two decades later, UPB is ranked the best private university in Bolivia, enrollment is at capacity, and the school is planning a third campus."


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