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The political anatomy of computer architecture


Project's title: 
The political anatomy of computer architecture

Researchers of the project:
Jens Bürger, PhD
Email: jensburger@upb.edu
Andrés Laguna Tapia, PhD
Email: andreslaguna@upb.edu

Following concepts proposed by Martin Heidegger related to technology and science, as well as the notions of power in the social organization proposed by Michel Foucault in his classical book Discipline and punishment, the research is a critical reflection of the relationship between sociopolitical structures and computational architecture. Understanding that the notions of supervision and normalization have been fundamental for the socioeconomic organization of contemporary society, our research seeks to reveal that contemporary computer architecture, which is found in any electronic device, works by the same principles of disciplinary power.
To acknowledge these similarities will allow us to generate new and complex ideas on the philosophy of the technology, as well as the possibility of rethinking the evolution of the computational architecture and social organization.