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Determination of water quality for OTBs belonging to the municipality of Colcaphirua and the municipality of Cercado del Cuarto Distrito

This project is part of the mission and vision of the Civil Engineering career and CIMOC, collaboration requests have been prepared with the Mayor's Office of Colcaphirua and the Fourth District of the Municipality of Cercado. In this work, a mapping will be made of some regions of the city of Cochabamba that use water for their consumption from deep wells. This mapping will consist of collecting water samples from these wells through rigorous regulations and these will be analyzed.

At the same time, a hydrological profile of these wells and a mapping will be obtained to detect possible causes of this contamination. For this study we have the collaboration of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in the city of La Paz through an agreement made with this educational unit.

César Vaca, Prof. (UPB)

Mauricio Ormachea, PhD.c. (UMSA)
Omar Ormachea, PhD (UPB)
Ramiro Escalera, PhD (UPB)
Erica Estrada, Civil Engineer Student