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Development of support tools for the master plan for comprehensive management of the Valle Sacaba basin

This study is focused on establishing guidelines for a comprehensive management plan for the Sacaba Valley basin, the objective is to improve water, soil and vegetation resources by simulating a distributed hydrological model and thus carry out evaluations of possible scenarios of change.

The basins in developing countries like Bolivia have several problems such as: the excessive exploitation of resources, in the long term causes a progressive deterioration of the soil, decreases the amount of available water, soil waterproofing and destruction of natural areas. Through geographic information systems and cartographic maps, a database will be built for the respective analysis of the current state of the basin.

This project has 3 main objectives:

Inventory the water resources of the Sacaba basin.
Identify and characterize land use in the Sacaba basin.
Evaluate the importance of vegetation in the basin.
Prepare technical bases to strengthen a comprehensive basin plan, through a database and the simulation of different cases.
This study is coordinated with the Departmental Watershed Service of the Cochabamba Governorate. The estimated duration period is 6 months, from May to November 2016.

Oliver Cristian Saavedra Valeriano, PhD

Principal investigator: 
Samuel Alberto Ancalle Alcócer