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Laboratory of Optics and Photonics

  • Conduct applied research in the area of quantum electronics (lasers): Development of laser technology, fundamentally the development of power electronics circuits related to lasers and applications in different areas of science.
  • Carry out applied research in the area of optics and photonics: The area of optics and photonics is closely related to electronics, electronic control, the development of photonic devices for different practical applications, such as medicine, biophotonics, among others.
  • Academic laboratories: Carry out laboratory practices in the areas of Optics, Power Electronics, Quantum Electronics, Fiber Optics, Holography.

The team of researchers at the Laboratory is made up of the Head of the Laboratory, Research Professors, External Consultants as required and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Investigators.

  • Mgr. Óscar Urquidi
  • Ing. Daniel Serna
  • Mgr. Wendy Morrison
  • Mgr. Mónica Delgado
  • Ing. Fabiola Romero
  • Ing. Dante Loza
  • Ing. Álvaro Riva
  • Ing. Alejandro Durandal
  • Ing. Iván Terceros
  • Ing. Juan Maidana
Laboratory Equipment
  • Anti-vibration Optical Table.
  • High precision opto-mechanical elements.
  • Continuous low power lasers.
  • Two high-powered pulsed lasers (YAG: Nd +++).
  • Laser radiation power / energy measurement system.
  • Two OceanOptics brand optical spectrometers.
  • A high spectral resolution spectrometer.
  • Inverted laser fluorescence microscope.
  • Portable LIBS system.