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Graphic Design

Why study Graphic Design at UPB?

Industrial or service companies are required to design brands, define the company's corporate image, develop graphic materials, create advertisements, packaging, advertising photography, and animations. A bachelor in Graphic Design is a professional, capable of imagining, creating, and executing designs to be applied to specific projects, in order to: inform, persuade, educate, raise awareness, sell a product or a service.

It is a professional who can convey ideas and send visual messages in an attractive and aesthetically successful way, capable of developing the corporate identity and image of a company. You can develop publicity campaigns for dissemination, education, and awareness.

Profile of the Graphic Design Bachelor

The professional of this discipline works in advertising art directions, communication of service and production companies, journalistic publishing, state entities, brand creation, illustration, corporate identity, and areas of intensive management of new information and communication technologies. 

The UPB Design professional has the ability to intervene in interactive work teams to develop business, government, and community projects, participate in the planning of editorial design, signage, multimedia, visual communication, and construction of visual messages.

Labour Market

Graphic design professionals can work in different advertising agencies, in educational institutions, as art directors, create their own company, in the media (magazines, newspapers or television). Today most large companies have a graphic design department

History of the Program

In 1993, the Graphic Design Career at the UPB was approved and opened with a Ministerial Resolution and began activities in 1994, with 2 students. As one of the first careers of the University, it was an innovation within the national market. Today, it has 148 students.

The Graphic Design professionals at our University enjoy great professional prestige both nationally and internationally, in addition, they have managed to bring great changes in the area of ​​Design and creativity in Bolivia. It is 25 years of the career in which there have been changes in the curriculum with the aim of adapting to the changes and trends required by the labor market.

Career Direction

Mgr. Marcelo Canedo Doering

Landline: (591-4) 4268287 /Int: 447.
Mail: Graduated in 1991 with a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Houston, Texas. With a mention in Art History, he obtained a Master's Degree in Image and Corporate Branding from the UPB. He worked in various advertising agencies such as Concept, Contact, and the design departments of Duralit and in Mercado Magazine in Miami. Then he dedicated himself to teaching at the UPB from 1995 to the present and also being the Head of the Career since 2000. He participated in the National Conference of the American Institute For Graphic Arts (AIGA) in San Antonio Texas, as well as the BICEBE (Bienal del Cartel Bolivia) since 2009 began. Likewise, it was part of the Symposium of teachers of such event.