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Phytochemical Research Center

The Phytochemical Research Center (CIF) is focused on the validation and valuation of plant resources in our territory to provide scientific and technological information to national industry and the society within the framework of sustainable exploitation of these resources.

Within the objective – validate and valuate our plant resources – the CIF has two programs: Active Metabolites and Industrial Feasibility.

Date of creation

April 2015 Rector Resolution No. UPB-RR-005A/2015



1. Metabolites Program:  in charge of studying  the molecular families present in the plant  resource .  This program is subdivided in Primary Metabolites, families of chemical compounds that are essential for the life of the beings that possess them.  Among them, we can cite glucids, lipids, proteins, and amino acids.  Each type of molecule is associated with a series of properties (energizers, emulsifiers, sweeteners).  Secondary Metabolites, types of compounds that are activated and produced in the organism only when there is an external stress or for its own survival impulse.  In this program, projects are subdivided in relation to the properties presented by such metabolites:  dyes, pharmacological, photo protective, nutraceuticals…

2. Industrial Feasibility Program:  provide information on the applicability of the metabolites studied and their natural precursors in industrial processes.  The sustainability of the natural resource and its economic impact are analyzed within this program.