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Construction of a vibrating table for earthquake simulation tests for small-scale building models

Bolivia is in an area with moderate seismicity, but currently lacks anti-seismic norms. Any action model to be adopted to calculate the stresses in the structure can be highly in favor of safety or be less conservative. The necessary parameters for the seismic action model are various such as the type of soil, damping, ductility, spectra, among others. Several earthquake events have already occurred in our region and country, many of which have caused considerable damage.

This work will be the beginning of the assembly of a structure dynamics laboratory, in which tests, validations of numerical models, tests of building models will be carried out considering seismic movements and structures subject to excitation forces and forces that cause impacts. The displacements caused during the movements will be measured to know the vibration modes of the structures. Small-scale model theories must be applied in all of these studies.

The possibility of modifying the amplitude, frequency and speed of the waves traveling by different types of media, especially in soils existing under buildings, will be investigated.

Other complementary equipment such as the wind tunnel, among others, will be built.

One of the objectives of the project is to put together a practical pre and / or postgraduate course in Dynamic Analysis of Structures that will be ministered by Dr. Augusta Abrahamse and Dr. Francisco Aguirre.

Francisco Aguirre, PhD

Omar Ormachea, PhD
Augusta Abrahamse, PhD
Marcelo Guillen, Civil Engineer Student