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News and perspectives of the implementation of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in Bolivia

This research seeks to diagnose the current situation of the implementation of DTT in Bolivia, its effects, challenges, and perspectives from a technical-regulatory perspective and audiovisual content production. In addition, it will be a study on the current situation of the radio spectrum in UHF frequencies, their perspectives of use before the implementation of DTT and a description of the possible impact of the transition from an analog to a digital technology. Finally, the project seeks to determine if there will be changes in the logic of television production, in the content design, in the ways of distribution of Bolivian audiovisual material and to evaluate the impact of a new media law that regulates contents broadcasted through DTT.

From this work, the possibility of establishing cooperation links with South American universities that investigate issues related to the implementation of DTT with the ISDB-T standard will be evaluated, identifying lines of research in the field of digital television, with the perspective participating in projects or proposing them to other organizations, as well as designing a curriculum for the training of professionals in the area of digital television.

Gustavo A. Siles
Andrés Laguna Tapia, PhD