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Mauricio Chumacero
Phone: 591 (2) 2170000 Int. 322

  • Post-Degree in Formulation and Evaluation of Projects for Development (Universidad Privada del Valle, La Paz-Bolivia)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics (Universidad Católica San Pablo, La Paz-Bolivia)

  • Methodological, statistical and sample design of surveys and socioeconomic, social and economic studies of quantitative and qualitative type.
  • Comprehensive organization of surveys and studies: logistics, training, quality control and supervision of information collection work.
  • Design and execution of baseline studies and mid-term evaluation, expost and impact of social and economic projects.
  • Database analysis of social and economic surveys, formulation and calculation of social indicators.

Professional experience
  • Consultant of the MECOVI Program (ECLAC, UNFPA, UNDP) for technical support to the National Statistics Institute of Bolivia in the area of ​​Household Surveys and Social Indicators.
  • International consultant for technical support to the National Statistics Institute of Honduras in the area of ​​household surveys.
  • International consultant of the European Commission for the evaluation of projects funded by the European Union to Latin American countries and the Andean Community of Nations.
  • Consultant Responsible for training and field work for the National Census Project –cartographic update phase- in the National Statistics Institute of Bolivia.
  • Coordinator and Field Manager of numerous national surveys and studies, among which are: Maternal and Child Health Baseline Survey (UDAPE-MSD-BM); Household Survey for the evaluation of “Income Dignity” (UDAPE-UNFPA); Household Survey of Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples for the calculation of welfare indicators (UDAPE); Surveys on water and sanitation in small rural communities in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Potosí and Chuquisaca (IDB-MMAyA); Diagnosis of Health Networks, Basic Services, Hospital Waste and Biosafety in Bolivia (USAID-Partners for Development); Survey on training expectations for high school students and recruits (Canadian Cooperation - AECID-UPB); National Land Use Survey (BM-IIDEE); National Survey for the evaluation of Criminal Procedure Reform in Bolivia (USAID-Checchi); Survey on the Evaluation of the State of Food Security in 54 municipalities of Bolivia (World Food Program-UPB).