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CEGIE - Director

Mauricio Chumacero
Telf.: 591 (2) 2170000 Int. 322

Post-Degree in Formulation and Evaluation of Projects for Development (Universidad Privada del Valle, La Paz-Bolivia)
Bachelor's Degree in Economics (Universidad Católica San Pablo, La Paz-Bolivia)

Areas of expertise
Methodological, statistical and sample design of surveys and socioeconomic, social and economic studies of quantitative and qualitative type. Comprehensive organization of surveys and studies: logistics, training, quality control and supervision of information collection work. Design and execution of baseline studies and mid-term evaluation, expost and impact of social and economic projects. Database analysis of social and economic surveys, formulation and calculation of social indicators.

Professional experience
Consultant of the MECOVI Program (ECLAC, UNFPA, UNDP) for technical support to the National Statistics Institute of Bolivia in the area of ​​Household Surveys and Social Indicators. International consultant for technical support to the National Statistics Institute of Honduras in the area of ​​household surveys. International consultant of the European Commission for the evaluation of projects funded by the European Union to Latin American countries and the Andean Community of Nations. Consultant Responsible for training and field work for the National Census Project –cartographic update phase- in the National Statistics Institute of Bolivia. Coordinator and Field Manager of numerous national surveys and studies, among which are: Maternal and Child Health Baseline Survey (UDAPE-MSD-BM); Household Survey for the evaluation of “Income Dignity” (UDAPE-UNFPA); Household Survey of Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples for the calculation of welfare indicators (UDAPE); Surveys on water and sanitation in small rural communities in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Potosí and Chuquisaca (IDB-MMAyA); Diagnosis of Health Networks, Basic Services, Hospital Waste and Biosafety in Bolivia (USAID-Partners for Development); Survey on training expectations for high school students and recruits (Canadian Cooperation - AECID-UPB); National Land Use Survey (BM-IIDEE); National Survey for the evaluation of Criminal Procedure Reform in Bolivia (USAID-Checchi); Survey on the Evaluation of the State of Food Security in 54 municipalities of Bolivia (World Food Program-UPB).