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CIIFI - Director


Alejandro Vargas Sanchez
Associate Professor
Telf: +591 (2) 2165700 Int. 160
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Doctor in Economics and Administration with an emphasis in Economics: Universidad Privada Boliviana (La Paz - Bolivia).
Level III candidate in the CFA Program.
Master in Business Administration with Specialization in Finance: Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) - Military School of Engineering (La Paz - Bolivia).
Bachelor of Business Administration - Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz - Bolivia).

Specialty and interests:
Among its main areas of specialty and interest are:

  • Preparation and Evaluation of Projects specially focused on the Mining and Industry sector.
  • Enterprise Valuation and Financial Analysis with emphasis on the application of International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Finances focused on Small and Medium Enterprises, with applications in cost of capital, capital structure, and the use of risk-adjusted rates.
  • Stock Market, with applications on portfolio theory.
  • Mutual Funds, with studies to measure performance, volatility, and profitability determinants.
  • Financial Econometrics.

Professional activity:
In the UPB, in addition to being Director of the CIIFI, he is Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences and Law in the city of La Paz, and is the Academic Director in Post Graduate Programs: Master in Finance (MF), Diploma in Financial Risk Management, Diploma in Banking and Finance, Diploma in Stock Market, Diploma in Financial Management.
At the Pre Degree level, he has full professorship in: Financial Mathematics I and II, Finance I and II, Business Valuation, Financial Engineering, Stock Market.
At the Post Graduate level, he has chairs in: Financial Planning and Strategy, International Finance, Financial Econometrics, Business Valuation, Financial Derivatives Valuation, Credit Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Financial Calculation.
He is currently an independent member of the SAFI Investment Committee of the Santa Cruz Mercantile Bank. He also provides services as an external consultant for KPMG firm, in asset valuation and determination of reasonable discount rates.
Throughout his professional career, he has developed consultancies for Bolivian private companies as a financial specialist in enterprise valuation, risk analysis, project evaluation and capital market analysis.
He has been working in several public sector projects such as: Project Consultant for the World Bank in the Regional Concurrent Development Program, he was Project Manager in the Civil Service, in a program financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), he was Coordinator of Procurement and Acquisitions in National Customs, another project financed by the IDB, he also worked as a consultant in the representation of the IDB in Bolivia.