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CIIFI - Researchers

Juan José Jordán Sánchez
Associate Professor
Tel.: +591 (4) 4268287 - Int. 457 
E-mail: juanjosejordan@lp.upb.edu

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics and Administration with emphasis in Economics: Universidad Privada Boliviana (La Paz - Bolivia).
Master in Corporate Finance - Universidad Mayor de San Simón (Cochabamba - Bolivia).
Specialization in International Commerce - Concordia University (Montreal - Canada).
Bachelor of Financial Engineering - Universidad Privada Boliviana (Cochabamba - Bolivia).

Economic Valuation of Companies
Stock market
Financial analysis

Professional activity
- Head of the Financial Engineering Department at the Universidad Privada Boliviana Campus Cochabamba
- Chief Financial Officer of NATUREZA S.R.L.
- International Securities Broker of the firm SWIFFTRADE INC with securities transactions in the NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, MILAN, XETRA, EURONEXT, NOREX, TSE stock exchanges

- At the Pre Grade level, he has full professors in: Stock Market, Finance II, Finance III, International Finance, Financial Engineering, Budgets, Financial Mathematics II, Preparation and Evaluation of Projects I and II, Risk Management, Risk Management in Financial institutions.
- At the Post Graduate level, he has chairs in: Finance II, Finance I, Structure and Financial Policies, Analysis of Investment Decisions, Corporate Finance, Financial Structure and Valuation, Risk Management, Credit Risk Management, Short Term Financial Management , Financial Evaluation of Projects, Management Control, International Finance.

- Throughout his professional career, he has developed consultancies for Bolivian private companies as a financial specialist in Economic Business Valuation, Project Evaluation and Financial Analysis.
- He was serving as International Director of Business Intelligence and Internal Processes at the International firm of Stock Market Services and Technology ORBIXA INC in Toronto Canada.