Date of creation: February 2010, No UPB-RR-002/2010

The CINTI Reseach Center (Centro de Investigaciones en Nuevas Tecnologías Informáticas) was created to do research activities in new programming paradigms and software development and engineering techniques.

Modern and innovative techniques (e.g. Web and service oriented architectures, multi-core systems, Aspect-Oriented Pogramming, Cloud-based distributed systems, Internet of Things and BigData) are applied at CINTI.

The CINTI Research Center three main competences: technical, applied and research. 

(a) Technical: Implementing and developing new IT technologies, that are useful for academia (students, teachers and researchers), and the industry, through training and other type of activities.
(b) Applied: Giving support to the academic community and the industry, to access distributed computational resources (e.g. for simulations, analyses and/or resource intensive computations).
(c) Reseach: Making visible to UPB in the international scientific community, through collaborations, research projects and publications in conferences and indexed journals.

CINTI also contributed to software development projects for the implementation of highly specialized components and modules.