Services Offered



  • Web Applications: CITIEE is a specialist in Web systems,
    • CMS (Content Management System), where the client can manage the menus, the design of the web page and all the content without having to go to a computer expert. Free software CMS systems such as Drupal and Wordpress are mainly used.
    • ERP (Company Resource Planning), are systems that manage different areas of the company such as administration, finance, accounting, production, human resources, etc.
    • Tailor-made systems, so far has developed thirty websites.

    Desktop Applications: Systems are developed in different programming languages,

    • .Net, mainly with the C # language and Visual Basic, powerful programming languages ​​of the Microsoft family.
    • Java, due to its stability and wide set of libraries, is one of the most used and stable on the market, due to its portability to different operating systems.
    • Phyton, a free software object-oriented programming language widely used in various GPL applications.

    Mobile Applications: Custom systems are developed on the platform,

    • Android: It is the fastest growing and most used smartphone operating system so far, it has the support of Google, projections suggest that it will continue to grow and dominate the market in this segment for several more years.
    • iOS: It is widely used in the local and global market, very stable thanks to its closed platform with a very customer-friendly interface.
    • Hybrid Development: Developed systems that can run on Android or iOS.