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Inauguración del Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios de la Universidad Privada Boliviana


Achieve development with the support of PUM, a business development center (Incubator) in the UPB campus Cochabamba until the end of 2020 based on the coordination of pre and post-graduate of the UPB, for which it is expected to have 7 missions of experts of PUM, where the UPB has agreed to pay the expenses of stay and feeding of the experts during their visit and to provide them with a physical space for e operation of the Incubator. Where the expected final result is the average of 7 to 10 viable business plans per year.

Our specific objectives
• Develop the incubator's action plan, based on the second visit of the PUM expert in July of 2019, to begin the development of the incubator in July 2019
• Present from 7 to 10 business ideas, between business ideas of the GND MBA and the UPB Entrepreneur Program. So that they can be analyzed by the PUM expert during his visit in July.
• Initiate entrepreneur training activities, Startups and business development workshops from July 2019 until the end of 2020 to carry out independent enterprises.

a) UPB has a focus on Start-Ups that distinguish themselves in the Market.
b) PUM assists in the creation of a functioning University Incubator Center with a clear mission, Program and Action Plan to have the Incubator Center functioning with a good infrastructure, trainers, coaches and mentors.
c) PUM commits to provide senior experts (‘PUM experts’) to be allocated to the Incubator Center. Each advice mission has an average duration of 2 weeks. At the end of each mission the planning and content for the next mission will be agreed and also which actions need to be completed before the next mission can start.
d) UPB is responsible for taking in execution and completion of the activities defined as outcome of Activity a), b) and c) mentioned above.

How PUM works
PUM has over 1.500 expert volunteers, who are willing to share their knowledge on a voluntary base. Depending on the exact knowledge needed, the best experts will be selected to build a relationship with the clients, in order for them to share knowledge, and support them throughout their growth cycle.