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Smartphone Spectroscopy




We developed a miniaturized low-cost spectrometer that uses the camera of an Android Smatphone and processes the images in our spectrometry software (Android App). The spectrometer incluides a measurement Kit, that includes a cuvette-holder, a connector element with a optic fiber, and a high-intensity white LED light source. The Android App enables initial wavelength calibration, which allows to calibrate the device and obtain values of absorbance and transmittance, and to obtain spectral curves in real-time. 


Applications for the spectrometer incluides:

  • In-situ and real-time measurement of the concentration of chromium in tanning liquors, to control the leather tanning process without requiring expensive equipments (Article [in spanish], Poster [in spanish])
  • In-situ an real-time measurements of the concentration of synthetic dyes in texile industry wastewaters  (Article [in spanish])
  • Colorimetric measurement of antioxidant activity of Bolivian Andean vegetal extracts (Article)


Research Centers: CIOE, CINTI, CIPI, CIF

Principal Investigators:


    Omar Ormachea Ph.D.(CIOE)


    Alex Villazón Ph.D. (CINTI)


    Ramiro Escalera Ph.D. (CIPI)

Collaborators: Ing. Miguel Carballo (CINTI), Grover Zurita Ph.D. (CIOE), Ing. Oscar Urquidi (3D Printing Lab), Sandra Ibañez-Calero Ph.D. (CIF), Pablo Perez Ph.D. (CIPI)

Year of development: 2016-2017

Publication date: 01-Feb-2017