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Sustainable data-driven public transport systems


Sustainable data-driven public transport systems

Project manager:
Jens Burger, PhD
Email: jensburger@upb.edu

Project members​:
Instituto de Inteligencia Computacional (ICI), Universidad Privada Boliviana
Centro de Investigaciones Sociales (CIS), Vicepresidencia del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

Proyect duration:
March 2018 - march 2019


Mobility in La Paz is dominated by the so-called informal public transport sector. Transport routes and services are determined by various privately run, often competing syndicates. Vehicles are purchased by individual drivers and the syndicates do not maintain public infrastructure such as bus stops. This results in large fleets of low capacity vehicles competing over passengers and often causing traffic disruptions as well as dangerous traffic conditions. As the population and urban area of La Paz and El Alto are rapidly increasing the organization of the informal transport system increasingly poses a problem to urban development and public health. In this project we seek to analyze the current public transport landscape and to develop intelligent strategies for the improvement of the public transport sector.