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Reconfiguration of Bolivian cinema


Project's title:
Reconfiguration of Bolivian cinema (2000-2018)

Head of the project:
Andrés Laguna Tapia, PhD
Email: andreslaguna@upb.edu

Mariana Lacunza, PhD
Email: mlacunza@upb.edu
Mgr. Miguel Hilari
Email: miguelhilari@gmail.com

Research project on Bolivian cinema produced between the years 2000 and 2018 with focus on the construction of new discourses and aesthetics. Including an analysis of the treatment of new topics, the use of new technological resources for their production and distribution, as well as of new forms of financing and marketing.
An analysis is made to understand the national film industry, from a transdisciplinary perspective, taking as samples short films and feature films, fictions and documentaries, the most relevant live action and animation films produced in the last decade.