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Determinación de la eficiencia relativa de entidades microfinancieras y la posibilidad de la profundización del acceso crediticio para sectores tradicionalmente limitados: Caso Bolivia


Title of the project:
Determination of the relative efficiency of microfinance entities and the possibility of deepening credit access for traditionally limited sectors: Case Bolivia.

Responsible researcher: 
Juan José Jordán Sánchez, PhDc
Email: juajosejordan@lupb.edu

The research project is about measuring the efficiency of microfinance entities in Bolivia through the application of non-parametric methods such as Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Border Analysis.
The problem that was identified is the differences in the levels of productivity in microfinance entities in Bolivia, this generates different levels of collection and placement of resources.
The objective of the research is to carry out a comparative analysis of efficiency with multiple inputs with respect to multiple products, to identify the most efficient units, identify possible improvements in efficiency in relatively inefficient units in order to redistribute operational expenses in such a way to increase the level of placement (loans) that microfinance institutions have.