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Outcome of application to be recognised within the Teaching Centres Recognition Framework (TCRF)

Con mucho orgullo, nos complace compartir la noticia de que hemos sido invitados para ser un centro reconocido de enseñanza por la Universidad de Londres.

Adjunto el primer párrafo de la carta de invitación a la Universidad Privada Boliviana

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I am delighted to inform you that the Board of the University of London Worldwide has endorsed the recommendation to invite your institution to join the Teaching Centres Recognition Framework (TCRF) as a Recognised Teaching Centre approved by the University to teach the following three degree programmes at the following two campuses:


1. Banking and Finance (BSc)
2. Business and Management (BSc)
3. Economics (BSc)


1. Universidad Privada Boliviana, Campus La Paz (Camino Achocalla Km 3.5. La Paz - Bolivia)
2. Universidad Privada Boliviana, Campus Cochabamba (Av. Victor Ustariz Km 6.5, Cochabamba - Bolivia)

The recommendation was made by the University’s Teaching Centres Committee following close monitoring of UPB’s performance since candidacy to accede to the TCRF was granted to UPB in 2016.