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Álvaro Moscoso

He is in charge of the general administration of the Civil Engineering Career of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the La Paz Campus, regarding administrative and academic aspects, revision of plans and programs, as well as the academic follow-up of the students of the career.

His interest is focused on the study of computational mechanics applied to structures when they are part of for example: bridges, buildings, roof supports, etc.. These structures can be made of any available material. At the same time there is also interest in the implementation of new materials and innovation of construction techniques in construction.

Raul Quezada

D. in Earth Sciences from the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland). His professional experience includes the evaluation of technical alternatives for the treatment of Acid Mine and Rock Drainage, as part of projects to mitigate the impact of mining environmental liabilities. He teaches Geology and Geophysics.

Germán Gonzáles

D. in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has vast professional experience in projects related to the geotechnical area. He teaches Geotechnical Engineering subjects.

Luis Flores

Graduated as Master of Science from Polotsk State University of the city of Novopolotosk located in Belarus. His professional experience covers a wide range of civil projects related to the construction of works in which he has always participated in the field. Currently, he is a teacher of construction subjects in our curriculum.

Marco Antonio Arias

Civil Engineer graduated from EMI, his professional experience has led him to implement the BIM methodology in the execution of the different works in which he has participated both in the field and in the design. He currently teaches subjects related to the use of software that implements BIM, all of which are related to construction management.

Guillermo Manrrique

Civil Engineer graduated from Universidad Tomas Frias, he has extensive experience in water-related projects: intake works, construction of sewage systems, water supply systems, drinking water installation. He is a professor of Sanitary Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering.