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Energy use of the soil and the sun through geothermal and solar energy

The growth of world energy consumption has also led to the increasing demand for renewable energy. Currently, the increase in energy demand is much greater than the growth in the availability of renewable energy. In this work, the aim is to incorporate renewable energies into construction processes, carry out dimensioning studies of geothermal and solar systems in environments.

The objective and foundation of the energy exchange with the subsoil is energy efficiency that results in savings in consumption. In addition, the type of energy generation based on geothermal energy makes it very suitable for use in combination with air conditioning systems that require moderate working temperatures and with any radiant surface air conditioning system. In relation to the system for the use of solar energy, the objective is to design for the same environments an electrical system that has low-consumption electrical devices and perform the dimensioning of the necessary photovoltaic panels.

Omar Ormachea, PhD

Dante Losa, Civil Engineer Student