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Satellite estimated precipitation application in Africa and Asia for flood risk assessment

This proposal attempts to use meteorological products derived from remote satellite sensors combined with on-site measurements. Specifically, the information on the spatial and temporal distribution of the evolution will be determined to force distributed hydrological models in order to evaluate the efficiency of these satellite products with two intensity variables measured on land through rain gauges and / or radars and river flows.

Several basins in the world, especially in developing countries, frequently increase the number and extent of their meteorological stations. Which is not always feasible due to accessibility, initial investment costs and maintenance. Nowadays only the countries that have networks of rain gauges and radars with national coverage at an increasingly smaller spatio-temporal resolution.

This project has 3 main objectives:

Note of satellite extension products in regions with few rain gauges in basins of different sizes.
Validation of methods of combining satellite reduction products with ground measurements to increase coverage and resolution.
Application of the new precipitation products for distributed hydrological forced models and thus obtain estimates of floods that will cause flooding in the basin
The main source of funding is the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The initial period of this project is from April 2013 to March 2016.

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Oliver Saavedra, PhD