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Hydrological modeling of the Maylanco basin using the HEC-HMS and WEAP models

Watershed hydrological modeling is a crucial need in regions with water supply problems and water resources planning, such as the metropolitan region of the department of Cochabamba. The Sacaba basin is one of the most important basins in the Rocha river basin.

This study is focused on establishing guidelines for a comprehensive management plan for the Sacaba Valley basin through modeling it with the HEC-HMS and WEAP software, combining the characteristics of both packages and thus directly translating possible changes in change.

This project has three main objectives:

Collect, inventory, and verify hydrometeorological data for basin analysis.
Perform configuration, calibration and validation of two hydrological models that can be obtained as accurately as possible to the basin of analysis.                                                                        Suggest the most suitable hydrological model and use it to analyze different situations that may occur in the area.

Oliver Cristian Saavedra Valeriano

Principal investigator:​
Mario Andrés Angulo Rivera