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Sizing of elements subject to compound bending in reinforced concrete sections considering exact methods

Currently, the methods of dimensioning reinforced concrete structures are based on empirical models resulting from laboratory studies and approximate computational models, these simplified models of safe insurance for elements and robust structures. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of free spaces for buildings, they are using new materials and new construction processes, where they have thinner structural elements and more slender buildings that have non-linear studies.

At present this exact model is not defined by the standards, simply the mentioned because its implementation requires very large computational work and a very deep knowledge of the theory.

Taking into account that currently mathematical models, which demand the solution of systems of differential equations, may have exact solutions, this work is being considered. The project consists in developing an interactive computer program whose results will be validated by laboratory tests, thanks to the construction of a test portal and an automatic data and force acquisition system.

Francisco Aguirre, PhD

Álvaro Moscoso, Civil Engineering Student