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Theoretical and experimental analysis of reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures

Currently, in our environment there is a lack of knowledge of the procedures that will be followed to discover if the buildings have been adequately constructed or to correct any pathology that exists in it. There are many pathologies that are not properly diagnosed and the procedures for treating them are not adequate and do not have any requirements with the safety requirements and do not have state-of-the-art materials.

As part of this study, a survey of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the materials that are currently found in our region will be carried out and that may serve to reinforce structures. Next, the different procedures and equipment available will be investigated to carry out an adequate diagnosis and solution of the problem. Finally, some cases of buildings with these pathologies will be detected, the causes will be studied, a diagnosis will be issued and a treatment will be proposed to extend the useful life of the structure.

Francisco Aguirre, PhD

Andrés Garret, Student of Civil Engineering
Diana Artero, Civil Engineering Student