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Mission and vision


The mission of the Economics Career at the Bolivian Private University is to provide comprehensive training to future professionals Economists with values, practicing responsibility, ethical principles, highly qualified and competitive at national and international level; innovative professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs who contribute to the socioeconomic development of society.


Be a leading career in the comprehensive training of professional Economists; recognized nationally and internationally for high levels of educational quality with values, ethical, entrepreneurial and competitive principles; promoting research and economic innovation to contribute to the socioeconomic development of society. delete

Why study Economics at the UPB?

The university and academic experience of the Economics career will allow you to observe, analyze and understand the complex socioeconomic changes in our environment (far and near), giving you the necessary tools to enter a very competitive job market

From social, analytical, practical, leadership and administrative skills, the UPB will give you a complete capacity to deal with the field, guaranteeing the success of your work experience.

Profile of the Graduate in Economics

The BA in Economics from the UPB is an analyst capable of identifying, understanding and using social, financial and economic information for making correct, objective and informed decisions. This generic capacity can be applied in favor of the adequate development of any business activity or those linked to the orderly and sustained development of society. At the same time, he has enough practice to function in the work environment that corresponds to him, with solid knowledge of formal economic science to successfully undertake postgraduate studies. The Economics degree is adapted to the professional demands of the current national and international market, therefore the student's profile is highly rigorous, but at the same time versatile and broad.
The career offers three mentions that mark the beginning of the professional path: FINANCE: For those who seek to specialize in the management of financial resources or to develop professionally in for-profit institutions. DEVELOPMENT: For students who want to specialize in the management of resources other than financial resources and work professionally in foundations or NGOs. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: For those who wish to specialize in the application of economic science in politics, negotiation or representation of groups.

Working market

The broad nature of the economic sciences provides its students with a wide field of professional action, which can be divided into three large groups of professions, according to the mentions offered:

  • • Companies, Financial Sector. Industrial Sector, Business and Investments.
  • • International Organizations, NGOs, Foundations and the Public Sector.
  • • Public Sector, International Organizations and Political Sphere.

Career History

In 1993, the Industrial Economics career of the UPB was created. In 2001, by Ministerial Resolution, the name change to the Economics major was approved, belonging to the Faculty of Business Sciences and Law of the (UPB), Cochabamba headquarters. The career, throughout these years, faced different and positive transformations that occurred according to the demands of the contemporary labor market, the need to adequately analyze the complex scenarios of the current economy and the importance of providing adequate teaching to world trends. In fact, the last curricular design of the Economics career was approved in October 2017, so that teaching is oriented with emphasis towards a scientific aspect, with a largely theoretical, practical and reflective approach.
In these 27 years, the career has been gaining prestige due to the complete training of its students, who are highly valued in the labor market and who successfully continue their postgraduate studies at prestigious world universities. In addition, the educational quality has been endorsed by institutions such as the University of London, which recognizes the UPB as a Recognized Teaching Center.

Contact us

Speak directly with Headquarters

Pamela Cordova Olivera, Ph.D.

Researcher at Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Empresariales (CIEE)
Telf: (591-4) 4268287 / Int: 469
She has a PhD in Economics with a major in Quantitative Methods from the Bolivian Private University (UPB), Master in Economics and Economic Development from the Universidad Mayor de San Simón - Bolivia (grant holder of the Belgian Technical Cooperation), Diploma in Quantitative Methods from the Private University Bolivian, Graduated in Economics with a specialization in Economic Development from the Universidad Mayor de San Simón, specialist in impact evaluation CATIE-Costa Rica. Her areas of expertise include: health economics, macroeconometric modeling, pension system, and economic growth. She is affiliated as a senior researcher with the UPB's Center for Economic and Business Research (CIEE), where she carries out research applied to Economic Development, Quality of Life and the Health and Social Security System, sponsored by IDRC, IDB, among others.