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Financial Engineering

Why study Financial Engineering at UPB?

Because the Financial Engineering career trains professionals who effectively manage the money and investments of organizations and people, contributing to the development of the country. The Financial Engineer masters the technological tools of computing, simulation and modeling, makes investment, financing and dividend decisions in changing environments subject to multiple restrictions and seeks to maximize the value of companies.

Profile of the Graduate of Financial Engineering

The Financial Engineer is a bilingual professional (English or French), whose most relevant professional skills are:

• Analyze the financial situation of the organization through the financial statements.
• Prepare and evaluate investment projects.
• Analyze and determine the capital and financial structure.
• Develop investment and financing strategies.
• Manage international financing and investment companies.
• Know and analyze the legal framework of the money and capital markets.
• Design investment portfolios.
• Analyze tax activity.

Work Market

The Financial Engineer can work in national or international companies, public or private, in different sectors such as industry, commerce and services, in the areas of:

Planning / Financial Management / Credit Management / Risk Management / Cost Management / Treasury / Corporate and Investment Banking / Insurance / International Finance / Investments / Stock Market, Stock Market Analyst / Financial Consulting and Project Evaluation / Account Executive at stockbrokers and banks.

History of the career

In July 2003, the UPB Financial Engineering career was created, belonging to the UPB Faculty of Business Sciences and Law, Cochabamba headquarters. The degree has a curricular redesign that was approved in 2017. This redesign was carried out in accordance with the current demands of the world labor and financial market. In these 17 years, the career has gained great prestige for the training of excellence of its graduates, who are currently highly valued in the labor market and who successfully continue their postgraduate studies at prestigious world universities.

On the other hand, thanks to the excellent training received by its students, many achievements can be seen even with international scope as in 2019 when Financial Engineering students obtained 1st and 2nd place in the Stock Market Game, an organized online contest from Germany by the Sparkassen Financial Group.

Head of the Career

Juan José Jordán, Ph.Dc.

Phone: (591) 71721017 (591-4) 4268287 /Int: 457
He is a Doctoral Candidate in Economics with a specialization in Econometrics, he has a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance and undergraduate studies in Financial Engineering. Due to his academic background overseas, he is a bilingual professional with English and Spanish proficiency.
He served as International Director of Business Intelligence and Internal Processes at the International Stock Services and Technology firm ORBIXA INC in Toronto Canada. He also has experience as an International Securities Trader of securities in the North American, European, and Asian stock exchanges. He is Head of the Financial Engineering Department at UPB, Director of four Postgraduate programs, and Financial Director of NATUREZA S.R.L.
Throughout his professional career, he assumed the role of consultant for companies as a financial specialist regarding topics such as Economic Valuation of Companies, Project Evaluation, and Financial Analysis. His main areas of specialty and interest are Economic Valuation of Companies, Stock Market, Financial Analysis, and Financial Restructuring.
His international profile characterized by both academic and work experience in large companies together with his ability to coordinate teams and activities internationally has provided a different vision for the Financial Eng. Program at UPB, generating a global perspective and expectations and job possibilities much older for graduates of the career.
In Pre-Degree, he teaches courses in matters related to the Stock Market, Finance, International Finance, Financial Restructuring, Financial Engineering, among others. In Postgraduate degrees, he teaches courses related to Financial Structure and Policies, Investment Decision Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Structure and Valuation, Risk Management, among others.