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Why study law at the UPB?

Profile of the Law Bachelor

The profile of the UPB law bachelor can be summarized in terms of three dimensions which are perfectly compatible and complementary: corporate, international, and public. The first one is linked to the business area, the core of the national economy, whose constitution, operation, and closure is accompanied by professional lawyers. The second dimension refers to the international context of the norm, which as a result of globalization and integration processes worldwide, has greater relevance and impact today. Finally, the third dimension, concerning the important intervention of the State in the development and control of activities within the territory of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. All this, maintaining at all times the close connection with the political, economic, and social reality of the country and the rest of the world, both the most mediate and the immediate.

Labour Market

The activities that a future professional lawyer of the UPB can develop are diverse and cover different areas:

  • The free exercise of the profession in all its areas.
  • Corporate advice to public or private companies.
  • Development of professional activities in the field of international law.
  • Continued diplomatic or consular career.
  • Exercise of State Legal Defense work.
  • Litigation in civil, criminal, family, among others.
  • Specialized consulting.
  • Career training in the administration of justice.
  • Development of alternative dispute resolution methods.

History of the Program


27 years ago, the Bolivian Private University was founded, in Cochabamba, promoted by the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia, with the vision of training young leaders, with different skills and competences, based on the motto of the commitment of excellence.

Within a few years of the foundation, the then rector of the university, Dr. Absael Antelo, contacted a group of outstanding professional lawyers from our environment, to create the project of the law degree. Dr. María Elena Claure Villarroel was instrumental in creating the foundations of the program. Alongside her, Dr. Pablo Dermizaky, Dr. Alberto Sanjinés, Dr. Terrazas, Dr. Ana María Cortés, Dr. David Pereira, and Dr. Omar Arandia, among others, were important collaborators at this early stage. The current Academic Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Alberto Sanjinés Unzueta, became the first career director in 1997.

The initial approach based on Corporate Law has been extended to other professional areas of the study of law, such as International Law, Constitutional, Criminal, Corporate, Environmental and Regulatory, offering future professionals specific areas of professionalization according to the current context. The challenges of the professional lawyer are growing, and the program has progressed along with it and will continue to do so.

Career Direction

Mgr. Laura García Sobral


She graduated Magna Cum Laude in Law from the UPB. She obtained a Master's degree in International Business Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and in Private International Law and Business Administration, from the European School of Business. She holds a Ph.D. student in the Doctoral Program in Economics and Business Administration of the UPB.

She began her professional work in prestigious Legal Studies and Public Institutions nationwide. She served as Commercial Legal Advisor at ELFEC S.A. She is currently a member of the García Sobral & Vargas Guzmán Abogados Corporativos Srl. Practices the profession in business commercial advice. She teaches in graduate and undergraduate programs in business law. Her doctoral research line is focused on the implementation of corporate governance standards in Bolivian commercial companies. She is also the coordinator of United Nations Models, a member of the Arbitration Commission of the Conciliation and Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Services of Cochabamba, President of the Court of Honor of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals.