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Studies in Canada

Laura Rivera Tapia

Exchange destination: Oshawa, Canadá 

Institution: Ontario Tech University (UOIT) 

Program: Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program Scholarship 


Having the opportunity of studying and living in Canada was a priceless experience. Doing an international exchange involves braking personal and academic limits, that is why I consider it extremely enriching to the future of any student. The ELAP scholarships offered by the UPB make it very easy to access this kind of opportunity. Also, it's a great way of meeting people from all around the world and fully learn a new language.

Studies in Brasil

María Laura Jiménez

Exchange destination: São Paulo - Brasil
Institution: Abc Aurora 
Program: Aiesec- Proyecto SMART

Having an exchange experience is something that, in my opinion, we should all live at least once in our college experience. The benefits and the memories that you make are irreplaceable. Your learn how to be more independent, open-minded, know yourself better, and earn enough confidence to overcome any challenge.
During my trip to
São Paulo - Brasil, I had different experiences that helped me in several aspects fo my life and that I still remember fondly. I had the chance to know a great city, learn about its culture and language, met people from different countries, and forged strong bonds of friendship that have not faded yet.
I would definitely recommend this experience, to take a chance and go for it. Sometimes we are afraid of leaving our comfort zone, but this decision may determine several aspects of our future. The university has many opportunities, I recommend not to let them go.