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Development of Hardware and Software for data acquisition through vibrational analysis

This project aims to develop low-cost hardware and software to acquire data on industrial machines through vibrational analysis. The growing need to have equipment for detection, diagnosis and monitoring of failures in industrial equipment makes this research project an opportunity for many companies in our field to access the use of vibrational analysis as a tool for preventive maintenance. of the machines.

In an industrial production system, unscheduled shutdowns must be avoided and one of the tools to avoid them is to detect system failures at their slightly initial stage or called incipient. Machines that transmit energy generate mechanical vibrations that give information about the state of their internal components. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the application of maintenance tasks based on condition (MBC), using reliable information from the machines.

The necessary materials to be used in this project are a Freescale FRDM-K64F development card (Ultra Low cost development platform), a signal conditioner and accelerometers.

Finally, the work will focus on developing hardware and software for data acquisition, applying vibrational analysis, for fault detection and diagnosis of rotating equipment.

Project leader:
Grover Zurita, PhD

Research assistant:
Adrian Villarroel