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Digital image processing and development of a highly cost-effective platform for applications in photogrammetry and high voltage power lines inspection.

The fundamental idea of the project is to develop a highly cost-effective measurement system for acquisition of 3D images, to applications in photogrammetry and inspection of high voltage power lines. The developed system will be implemented in a drone, which has a great advantage, being low-altitude flights (50-280m) the atmospheric layer that has to travel the reflected light in minor so it is almost not necessary radiometric calculations (intensity of radiation).

Photogrammetry is a method for calculation of dimensions and positions of objects in space, this based on measurements made on photographs. They are applied for the preparation of maps for development of engineering projects in general. The process consists by the drone flying with the camera and Daq- system to capture photographs which are processed them by advanced techniques of digital image processing, to obtain 3D models.

Energy suppliers and services in the areas of high-voltage cable maintenance are obliged to guarantee a high-quality supply of energy to consumers. It is important to manage that the work is as efficient as possible, when there are faults in the supply system, this situation costs time and money. The diagnosis of the cables, in many countries, is carried out with personnel who have to climb the high voltage towers to carry out the inspections. This method is expensive, risky for the personnel and is limited with the subject of inspection area coverage.

Finally, at the end of the project, it is expected that there will be a measurement system to perform photogrammetry and perform a diagnosis on high voltage power lines.

Project leader:
Grover Zurita, PhD