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Two research teams made up of researchers from the Center for Research in Industrial Processes (CIPI), the Center for Agricultural Research, Andean Agroindustrial (CIAAA) and the Center for Optical Research (CIO) of UPB, were awarded by the Bolivian Association for the Advancement of Science (ABAC) - INTERCIENCE in an Event held on Friday, November 12 last, in the Auditorium of the University Real National Chamber of Commerce of the city of La Paz.

The team made up of CIPI Director Ramiro Escalera Ph. D. and CIO Director Omar Ormachea Ph. D. was awarded the 2010 NATIONAL AWARD FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION in the Category: Viable Solutions for Bolivia in Relation to the Effects of Climate Change - Decontamination of the Environment, by the results of the study "Arsenic Removal Assisted by Solar UV Oxidation (RAOS) in a Tubular Photo-reactor of Semi-circular Section". The study managed to develop a low-cost system for the detoxification of groundwater naturally contaminated with arsenic, which can be easily implemented in rural areas of our country and in other countries that face problems of chronic hydroarsenicism and other diseases related to arsenic.

Likewise, the team made up of the CIAA researcher, Carla Quiroga Ph. D., and the CIPI researchers, Ramiro Escalera Ph. D. and Luis Arteaga MSc. were awarded an HONORABLE MENTION in the Category: Production of Organic Agroecological Foods, for the study "Development of a Process for Dry Processing of Bitter Varieties of Quinoa based on the Application of a Fluidized Bed of the Spout Type". The study managed to develop a process to remove saponins from 3 royal quinual ecotypes from the Departments of Oruro and Potosí, which eliminates water consumption, fully recovers saponin dust and avoids environmental contamination of wastewater contaminated with these compounds.