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We developed a method that combines precipitation data estimated from satellite with conventional ground rain gauges. On the one hand, the estimation by satellite has the great advantage that it is spatial uniform at hourly steps, but can only estimate potential precipitable water. On the other hand, the rain gauges can provide the measured intensity at land surface (what actually reached ground).


Applications for grid precipitation product includes:

  • Temporal and spatial analysis of precipitation at the study area.
  • Input data to run hydrological models in order to obtain water balance
  • Precipitation forecast for the coming years relaying on the tendency 

Research Centers: CIICA

Principal Investigators:

Andrés Vallejos (CIICA-Researcher)

Oliver Saavedra Ph.D. (CIICA-Director)

Collaborators: Ing. Ana Cecilia Escalera (VRHR), Samuel Ancalle (UPB)

Year of development: 2016-2017

Publication date: 02-March-2017