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Juan José Jordán, Ph. Dc.

Head of Race
Phone: (591) 71721017 (591-4) 4268287 /Int: 457
He is a Doctoral Candidate in Economics with a specialization in Econometrics, he has a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance and undergraduate studies in Financial Engineering. Due to his academic background overseas, he is a bilingual professional with English and Spanish proficiency.
He served as International Director of Business Intelligence and Internal Processes at the International Stock Services and Technology firm ORBIXA INC in Toronto Canada. He also has experience as an International Securities Trader of securities in the North American, European, and Asian stock exchanges. He is Head of the Financial Engineering Department at UPB, Director of four Postgraduate programs, and Financial Director of NATUREZA S.R.L.
Throughout his professional career, he assumed the role of consultant for companies as a financial specialist regarding topics such as Economic Valuation of Companies, Project Evaluation, and Financial Analysis. His main areas of specialty and interest are Economic Valuation of Companies, Stock Market, Financial Analysis, and Financial Restructuring.
His international profile characterized by both academic and work experience in large companies together with his ability to coordinate teams and activities internationally has provided a different vision for the Financial Eng. Program at UPB, generating a global perspective and expectations and job possibilities much older for graduates of the career.
In Pre-Degree, he teaches courses in matters related to the Stock Market, Finance, International Finance, Financial Restructuring, Financial Engineering, among others. In Postgraduate degrees, he teaches courses related to Financial Structure and Policies, Investment Decision Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Structure and Valuation, Risk Management, among others.

Mgr. Karla Campos

Academic Training: Master of Business Administration (MBA Full Time), Universidad Privada Boliviana, graduated with the highest distinction Capstone Course Central American Institute of Business Administration INCAE, San José, Costa Rica Bachelor of Financial Engineering, Universidad Privada Boliviana, graduation from excellence.

Position: Head of the Finance Laboratory, Cochabamba campus

Subjects: Financial Institutions, Credit Management, Financial Mathematics, Stock Market and Sources of Financing

Career: Commercial Risk Analyst of Corporate Banking at Banco de Crédito de Bolivia S.A.

Mgr. Javier Torrico

Training: Financial Engineer
Position: Teacher on Time Schedule
Subjects: Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Administrative Accounting, Finance I and Risk Management
Career: Financial Engineer, he completed a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance, culminating with a thesis on Optimal Capital Structure in the Bolivian context, which obtained outstanding mention.
He worked as a Financial Analyst at ENDE Corporación, currently teaching at the Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) and the Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS) in matters related to Accounting and Finance. He is also a teacher in various postgraduate courses related to the financial area in UPB University Extension nationwide.

Ph. Dc. Francisco Vargas

Training: Degree in Auditing. Master of Finance and Master of Marketing. PhDc. in Education Sciences Specialty in Cost Management
Position: Teacher
Subjects: Marketing, Finance I, Finance II, Financial Mathematics. Administrative accounting, Economic valuation of companies, International marketing Pricing policies and strategy and Financial Marketing
Trajectory: He designed, founded and directed the first Financial Engineering degree in Bolivia.
He taught in the Finance area for more than 20 years in Venezuela.

Mgr. Mauricio Quiroga

Education: MBA, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland | 2003 BA, Economics University of California, Santa Cruz - United States | 1986 - 1990. Bachelor of the Colegio San Agustín  Cochabamba - Bolivia | 1980 - 1986
Position: Professor of the Financial Engineering career at the Bolivian Private University
Subjects: Securities Market Cabinet; Alternative Investments; International Risk Regulations, Financing Sources and Financial Institutions
Career: Private University of Bolivia (UPB), professor of Financial Engineering. Fujitsu, Information Technology Services - T, Global / Regional Service Partner Manager, ALADI (Latin American Integration Association) (International Political and Economic Analysis Unit), Technical Support to the Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment Ministry of Foreign Relations, Consultant UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) - San Francisco, California, (Financial Services), Wealth Management - High Net Worth (HNW) & Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW)
Financial Advisor.

Carlos Josè Rojas

Education: Graduated from the master's degree in Economic Engineering from the UMSS / Master's degree in Corporate Finance from the EEN, and undergraduate studies in Economics from the UPB.
Position: Professor of the Financial Engineering and Economics careers at the UPB Campus Cochabamba. Professor of graduate programs in financial management and financial regulation consultant.
At the Pre-Degree level, he teaches tenured professorships in related subjects Public finance, analysis of financial statements, econometrics I and II, Fundamentals of economics I and II
At the Postgraduate level, he holds chairs in: Financial Accounting, Cash Flow Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Computational Statistics, Financial Econometrics, citing the most relevant ones.
Career: He served as Advisor, analyst and loan officer in three financial intermediation institutions in Bolivia, reaching positions within corporate banking. He also has experience as a consultant for private projects and negotiation of investment contracts. Throughout his professional career, he has developed consultancies for different projects in the services and construction sector. His areas of specialty and interest are in Econometrics; Public finances; Banking and regulation and Financial Analysis.