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UPB researchers win the National Research Award

The Project "Development of a Dry Benefit Process for Andean grains and production of Annatto, through a Fluidized Bed of the Dispenser Type, LFTS", developed by Dr. Carla Quiroga, from the Center for Agricultural and Agroindustrial Research in the Andes (CIAAA) and Dr. Ramiro Escalera, from the Center for Research in Industrial Processes (CIPI), obtained Second Place in the Category of Pure, Natural and Engineering Sciences of the Plurinational Prize for Science and Technology "Towards Scientific Technological Sovereignty" organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Education, through the Vice Ministry of Science and Technology, of our country.


Nearly 80 institutions were invited to the Contest, between universities and public and private research centers throughout the country, who submitted 47 projects, of which 27 were preselected for the final phase in which they classified the three projects presented by the CIOE, CIPI and CIAAA.