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The Production Engineering undergraduate program at UPB is unique in Bolivia, it is an engineering of industrial processes. It is related with the design, installation, operation and optimization of transformation systems, designed to generate an added value on raw materials and inputs in order to attain goods and services that fully satisfy customer requirements. These systems involve human resources, materials, technology and economic resources. This program also includes subjects in management and administration, allowing to acquire skills for decision-making and a global knowledge of the organizations.


The Production Engineering graduate is a bilingual professional with technical and multidisciplinary training, focused on the processes of production of tangible and intangible components, capable of understanding the technical, environmental, financial and human resources that make up a manufacturing operation, with capacity to organize, plan, coordinate and control the processes under their responsibility, commited with a comprehensive vision of the organization and with critical sense while undertaking a task.

The Production Engineering graduate has professional skills to:

• Combine the management of natural resources, human, financial, technological and social environment processes.
• Reconcile production operations with requirements, restrictions and the continuous changes at work.
• Design, install, operate, control and optimize the production or processing systems.
• Design and implement integrated plans and quality management, environment, safety and industrial safety.
• To perform in manufacturing and/or engineering services.
• Develop, evaluate and implement investment projects.
• Administer and manage projects.
• Adapt to demanding work conditions, with the ability to make decisions and take on challenges.


• Unitary Industrial Processes
• Quality Management
• Process Engineering Production
• Industrial Biotechnology
• Energy and Environment
• Management and Business Administration
• Preparation and Evaluation of Investment Projects

Total credits: 213

Duration: 9 semesters

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