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Daira Belen Nava Salinas

Research Student

  • Bachelor of Production Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • High School Diploma (Slaves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus "Irish" Educational Unit)

Areas of interest
  • ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems
  • Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000
  • Formulation and Development of Food Products
  • Design Packaging for Food Products
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Optimization and Design of Productive Processes

  • Application of Chemical Analysis by Spectrophotometry Methods (UV-Vis)
  • Program Management: SolidWorks, Engineering Equation Solver (EES), QM for Windows and ProModel
  • Management of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop programs
  • Statgraphics Statistical Package Management
  • Language Management: English (Intermediate)
  • Knowledge of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System
  • Capacity for Development and Use of Tools for Project Planning, Administration and Management
  • Knowledge in Management Systems (9000 Quality, 14000 Environment and 22000 Food Security)
  • Development of Chemical Analysis of Foods and/or Characterizations (AOAC Methods)

Adrián Jaime Ortiz Mérida

Research Student

Phone: +591 79396488

  • Bachelor of Production Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • High School Diploma (San Agustín School)

Areas of interest
  • Design of food products
  • Management and quality control in production
  • Project management
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Analysis and design of experiments

  • Management of the Statgraphics statistical package
  • Physicochemical characterization of food (AOAC)
  • Management of the Engineering Equation Solver (EES), QM, SolidWorks and ProModel programs
  • Management of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop CC line programs

Isla Lenna Trujillo Mendieta

Research Student

Phone: +591 (4) 4443033

  • Student of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Career (Universidad Privada Bolivia)
  • High School Diploma (Eugenia Ravasco Educational Unit)

Areas of interest
  • Management and design of industrial processes
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • Control and continuous improvement of process quality
  • Design and modeling of dynamic systems
  • Industrial Security

  • Organization and design of processes according to ISO 9001
  • Management tools for quality improvement (histograms, Pareto analysis, scatter diagrams, control charts)
  • Management techniques for project management and planning
  • SolidWorks, i-Think and ProModel program management
  • Advanced management of Microsoft Office programs
  • Advanced Level of English proficiency

Eunice Marcia Espinoza Garcia

Research Student

Phone: +591 (4) 4260326

  • Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • High School Diploma (San Agustín School)

Areas of interest
  • Design, evaluation, management and improvement of industrial processes
  • Simulation and diagnosis of industrial processes
  • Statistical process quality control
  • Design and evaluation of dynamic systems
  • Database management
  • Management of quantitative methods for decision making (PERT/CPM, Simulation, Decision analysis, Balance point, Forecasts, Markov processes, Transport models, Waiting lines model)
  • Management of qualitative methods for decision making (CANVAS, market research techniques, Deming cycle, Maslow's pyramid, Delphi Technique)

  • Knowledge in process management: ISO 9001 Standard
  • Software Management i-Think, Pro-Model, Solid Works, SQL Server, Visual Basic
  • Program Management of the Microsoft Office package
  • Advanced English level