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Ing. Ana Gabriela Zelaya Guzmán


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Production Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • Diploma Course in Food Industries
  • Diploma Course in Integrated Management Systems according to ISO Standards
  • High School in Centro Cultural Anglo Americano, Humanities and Bilingual Diploma
Skills & Interest Areas
  • Chemical analysis of waters using UV spectrophotometry and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with hydrides generation according to the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
  • Management and documentation of quality management systems ISO 9001 and environment ISO 14001
  • Microsoft Office programs advanced operation
  • Use of Statgraphics Statistical Package
  • Languages:
    • English (advanced) and French (intermediate)
  • Quality control (physico-chemical analysis)
  • Polluted water treatment
  • Experiment design and analysis
  • Management systems: Quality ISO 9001, environment ISO 14001 and food safety ISO 22000
  • Food products development
Professional Activity
  • 3 years of experience in quality and environmental management systems in plastics and paint manufacturing industries

Ing. Sara Castillo Chavez

Research assistant

  • Bachelor´s Degree in Oil and Natural Gas Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • Bachelor of Humanities (San Calixto)
Skills & Areas of interest
  • Friendly alternatives environmental for wastewater treatment
  • Analysis and design of experiments
  • Analysis and optimization of industrial processes
  • Analysis and diagnosis of heat exchangers and air coolers
  • Planning, development and execution of projects
  • Application of spectrophotometry (UV-Vis) for the determination of concentration of chemical species
  • Knowledge of the ISO 9001, Quality Management System
  • High proficiency in the use of the following design and simulation programs: Aspen HYSYS, HTRI Xchanger Suit, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Engineering Equation Solver (EES) and QM for Windows
  • High proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office line programs
  • Language proficiency: English (Intermediate) and French (Intermediate)
Professional Activity
  • Currently working as Research Assistant for CIPI.

Former Collaborators


Silvia Cecilia Tapia Siles

Phone: +591 (4) 42 68287 – Int. 524
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  • PhD in Robotics (Italian Institute of Technology in co-tutelage with Pierre and Marie Curie University, Italy-France)
  • Master in Robotics, Automation and Production Systems (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France)
  • Electromechanical Engineer (Universidad Privada Boliviana, Bolivia)

Her areas of specialty are:

  • Control and generation of movement in robotic joints.
  • Capture energy from the environment to reduce the energy cost of locomotion for aquatic robots.
  • Artificial neural networks for the generation of rhythmic movement patterns (CPG).
  • Automation and control.
Professional Activity
  • Automation project engineer, SCADA and control systems for ABB. Asea Brown Boveri, ABB, Bolivia.
  • PhD researcher in Generation of locomotion stops in turbulent environments, EU FP7 FILOSE Project, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, Italy.
  • Post-doc in adaptation of the rhythmic crawling pattern generators of the ICub humanoid robot, for its application with joints of variable impedance. Italian Institute of Technology, IIT, Genoa, Italy.
  • Post-doc in motion generation, instrumentation, control, design and implementation of a robot's monitoring interface for water colonoscopy. Institute for Medical Studies and Technology, IMSaT, Dundee, UK.

Ing. Uli Nicol Hosse Pastor


  • Bachelor of Production Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • Bilingual Diploma of the International Baccalaureate Organization
  • Bachelor of Humanities (Saint Andrew’s School)
Areas of Interest
  • Environmentally friendly alternatives for wastewater treatment
  • Analysis and design of experiments
  • ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 14001 environment and ISO 22000 safety
  • Project preparation, evaluation and administration
  • Innovation and design of food products and packaging.
  • Application of spectrophotometry (UV-Vis) to determine the concentration of chemical species.
  • Management of design and simulation programs: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Engineering Equation Solver (EES), Flexim and QM for Windows
  • Creation of documents in LaTex
  • Advanced management of Microsoft Office line programs
  • Language management: English (Advanced) and French (Intermediate)

Mirea Flores


  • Graduated from Bachelor of Production Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana).
  • Bachelor of Humanities (Albert Einstein College).
Skills and Areas of Interest
  • Alternative energies
  • Production systems design
  • Project management
  • Analysis and design of experiments.
  • Management of the Statgraphics statistical package.
  • Dispenser type fluidized bed characterization.
  • Management of Engineering Equation Solver (EES), QM, AutoCad, SolidWorks and Crystal ball programs.
  • 3D Printer Management
  • Management of programs of the Microsoft Office line
  • Average level of English
  • Medium level of Quechua

Naida Alejandra Lopez Padilla


  • Graduated from Bachelor of Production Engineering (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
  • Bachelor of Humanities (Maryknoll College)
Intereses y Habilidades
  • Project management and administration
  • Food innovation and biotechnology
  • Environmental engineering in industrial processes
  • Process improvement and optimization
  • Research of technologies for production and sustainable development
  • Knowledge of the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system for food safety.
  • Ability to develop and use tools for project planning, administration and management.
  • Knowledge in the direction of integrated management systems (quality, safety and environment).
  • Knowledge of the quality management system in the processes: ISO 9001 Standard.
  • Chemical analysis by spectrometric method.
  • Development of AOAC food chemical analysis
  • Management of the Solidworks program in engineering design
  • Management of the statistical analysis package Statgraphics
  • Advanced management of Microsoft Office line programs
  • Advanced English level.

Pablo Marcelo Perez Garcia, PhD

Phone: +591 (2) 2165700 
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  • PhD in Sciences - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program (EPFL - Switzerland)
  • Master of Chemistry (University of Geneva - Switzerland)
  • Bachelor of Chemistry (University of Geneva - Switzerland)
  • Postgraduate in Environmental Management (Polytechnic University of Catalonia - Spain)
Areas of interest
  • Organic and inorganic synthesis
  • Chemical structural analysis
  • Analytic chemistry
  • Chemical and environmental engineering, design and application of catalysts.
Professional Activity
  • More than 4 years of university teaching experience in industrial, chemical and environmental engineering careers. Thesis supervision for water treatment and environmental risk management. Conception and synthesis of homogeneous catalysts. Mentoring of the professional training of chemical laboratories. Mentoring in master projects. Co-authored in 4 high impact publications.

Juan Luis Alberto Arteaga Weill

Associate Professor

Phone: +591 (4) 42 68287 – Int. 299

  • Master in Chemical Engineering, Technology mention (Technical University of Delft, Netherlands)
  • International Seminar on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Karlsruhe Technical University, Germany)
  • Diploma in University Management (Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Cochabamba)
Areas of Interest
  • Analysis and Design of Chemical Reactors
  • Formulation of Projects.
Professional activity
  • At the Private Bolivian University, he is a Professor, Researcher and Consultant, in charge of the Project Office. Manage the subjects of Research Methods and Degree Project.
  • He was the University Director of Scientific Research (1986-1989) and of International Relations and Agreements (1993-2003) of the UMSS.
  • He was founder and Director of the UMSS Agroindustrial Technology Center (1979-1990).
  • He was Project Director and Planning Manager of the Cochabamba Regional Development Corporation (1991-1993).
  • He was a professor and professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón (1978-2003).

Additionally, the CIPI research team is made up of Faculty Researchers from the Faculties, External Consultants as required and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Researchers.