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Laboratory of Industrial Technological Innovation and Robotics


Science, technology and innovation stand as protagonists for the transformation of a country´s technological development issues. The Laboratory of Industrial Technological Innovation and Robotics (LITIR) of the UPB, has as its main objective to strength and generate the critical mass of professionals necessary to carry out applied research, which  can be able to produce new technologies in Bolivia.
The Laboratory (LITIR), intends to contribute in an important way for the generation of new technology-based enterprises, to increase companies productivity, to improve products quality and to reduce production cost  through system automation, integration of new technologies, and  innovative design and application of intelligent devices and machines.



June 2017

Research Areas


● Industrial Maintenance:
Development of hardware and software: Measurements of vibrational analysis
and Condition-based maintenance (MBC) in industrial equipment.

Industrial control and automation:
Design of industrial automation systems, with integration of  the  state-of-the-art technologies and implementation of systems, which can produce quality solutions in industrial processes

Applied robotics:
Design of intelligent systems for  online natural disasters monitoring. Bio- Mechatronics for treatment of biological signals applied for the control and automation of robot’s elements for human rehabilitation.